Association for Women in Computing -  Ada Lovelace Awards

The Ada Lovelace Award is named in honor of the first computer programmer, Augusta Ada Byron Lovelace, whose writings developed the idea of programming and explained the operation and theory of Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine.

The award is given to individuals who have excelled in either (or both) of two areas:

1. Outstanding scientific and technical achievement and

2. Extraordinary service to the computing community through their accomplishments and contributions on behalf of women in computing

Who was Ada Lovelace?

Ada & the Analytical Engine

Biography of Augusta Ada Lovelace

and description of her work with Charles Babbage

by Elisabeth Freeman.

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Ada: The Enchantress of Numbers
by Betty Alexandra Toole, Ed.D.,
an Ada Lovelace Biography

Ada, a Life and a Legacy

by Dorothy Stein

Ada, Countess of Lovelace: Byron's legitimate daughter

by Doris Langley Moore

Ada Byron Lovelace: the Lady and the Computer

by Mary Dodson Wade

The Calculating Passion of Ada Byron

by Joan Baum